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74 T H E A U S T I N C H R O N I C L E APRIL 22, 2011 a u s t i n c h r o n i c l e . c om

Teen Maar (2011) D: Jayant.C.Paranji; with Pawan Kalyan, Trisha Krishnan, Kruthi Kharbanda. This is a Telugu remake of the Hindi romantic comedy Love Aaj Kal. (*) @Tinseltown South, 1, 4pm.


The Bicycle Thief (1947) D: Vittorio De Sica; with Lamberto Maggiorani, Enzo Staiola, Lianella Carell. (NR, 90 min.) MS 150 Benefit. One of the great films that truly deserves to be called a timeless classic, The Bicycle Thief is a thing of simple beauty. See website for menu and details. @Tim and Karrie League’s lawn, 8pm. Friendly but Starving IV Austin School of Film: Cinemaker Transmission. Student work will be showcased. @Austin School of Film, 7pm; free. Some Like It Hot (1959) D: Billy Wilder; with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, George Raft, Joe E. Brown. (NR, 119 min.) See website for res-ervations. (*) @Blue Starlite Drive-In I, 8:30pm.



American: The Bill Hicks Story (2011) @Alamo Drafthouse Village, 4:40pm. (See Friday.)

The Dark Crystal (1983) D: Frank Oz and Jim Henson; with Henson, Oz, Kathryn Mullen, Dave Goelz, Brian Muehl. (PG, 94 min.) Zzang!!!. The Muppets visit the dark side in this visually dazzling allegory about good and evil that appeals to both young and old alike. @Alamo Ritz, 7pm. Echotone (2011) See p.72.

Life of Brian (1979) D: Terry Jones; with Jones, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Michael Palin. (R, 93 min.) Celebrate Easter with Monty Python’s sacrilegious comedy designed to offend all practitioners of organized religion. (*) @Alamo Drafthouse Village, 7pm.



American: The Bill Hicks Story (2011) @Alamo Drafthouse Village, 4:45pm. (See Friday.) Echotone (2011) See p.72.

Velvet Goldmine (1998) D: Todd Haynes; with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor, Toni Collette. (R, 127 min.) Music Monday. Early-Seventies glam-rock culture is portrayed with eerie precision by the director of HBO’s Mildred Pierce series. (*) @Alamo Ritz, 9:50pm.


A Hard Day’s Night (1964) D: Richard Lester; with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Wilfrid Branbell. (NR, 85 min.) Big Ol’ Tire Fire: Hot Mama’s Movie Madness. Free. (*) @Hot Mama’s, 7:30pm.



American: The Bill Hicks Story (2011) @Alamo Drafthouse Village, 4:15pm. (See Friday.) Echotone (2011) See p.72.

Glee TV at the Alamo. @Alamo Drafthouse Village, 9:45pm.

Rabid (1977) D: David Cronenberg; with Marilyn Chambers, Frank Moore. (R, 91 min.) Terror Tuesday. One of Cronenberg’s best early films, Rabid stars porn star Chambers as a woman who becomes vampiric after undergoing experimental surgery. @Alamo Ritz, 10pm. Xala (1975) See p.72.


Mexicanos al Grito de Guerra (Mexican National Anthem) (1943) D: Álvaro Gálvez y Fuentes and Ismael Rodríguez; with Pedro Infante, Lina Montes, Miguel Inclán. (NR, 101 min.) Cine de Oro: Mexico’s Golden Film Era. A student of Nunó, author of the Mexican national anthem, falls in love with the niece of the French ambassador. @MACC, 7pm; free.



American: The Bill Hicks Story (2011) @Alamo Drafthouse Village, 4:15pm. (See Friday.)

Le Comte Ory (2011) Metropolitan Opera: Encore Presentation. Rossini’s operatic comedy stars bel canto Juan Diego Flórez in the title role. @Hill Country Galleria, Arbor, CM Cedar Park, Metropolitan, Southpark Meadows, Tinseltown North, 6:30pm. Echotone (2011) See p.72.

Game Show Models (1977) D: David N. Gottlieb; with Gilbert DeRush, Rae Sperling, John Vickery, Diane Thomas, Sid Melton. (R, 88 min.) Weird Wednesday. In this fictional look inside a Hollywood PR agency, teen models work in TV by day and in bedrooms by night. @Alamo Ritz, 12mid.

GoldenEye (1995) D: Martin Campbell; with Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Famke Janssen, Judi Dench. (PG-13, 130 min.) Tough Guy Cinema. James Bond jumps once more unto the breach. @Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek, 7pm.

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (2010) D: Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg. (R, 84 min.) Celluloid Handbag. This documentary is a softball, entirely sympathetic, and wickedly funny portrait of the artist at an advancing age. Rebecca Havemeyer hosts. (*) @Alamo Ritz, 7pm.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Quote-Along @Alamo Drafthouse Village, 7pm. (See Thursday, 4/21.)

We Will Rock You: The Queen Sing-Along

@Alamo Drafthouse Village, 10pm. (See Thursday, 4/21.)


Casablanca (1942) See p.72.

Criterion in Violet Although this new Downtown arthouse cinema doesn’t officially open until Friday, April 29, you can preview the facility and watch one of eight films screening between 7pm and 10:15pm. All eight titles were chosen by AFS Artistic Director Richard Linklater from the Criterion Collection. For the full lineup, see; for more on the Violet Crown, see @Violet Crown Cinema, 7pm.

Fever Dreams: Heavenly Nightmares of Chel White Austin Film Society: Avant Cinema. White describes his work as “images that reside on the brink of dreams, or linger on the periphery of dis-torted memories.” Several short films will screen. @Austin Film Studios Screening Room, 7pm. Rory O’Shea Was Here (2004) D: Damien O’Donnell; with Steven Robertson, Alan King, Brenda Fricker, Ruth McCabe, James McAvoy. (R, 104 min.) UT Center for European Studies: European Film Series. In an Irish facility for the disabled, a new patient has a potent effect on the residents. @Mezes Hall, Rm. B0.306 (on the UT campus), 6:30pm; free.



American: The Bill Hicks Story (2011) @Alamo Drafthouse Village, 4:15pm. (See Friday.)

Invisible Child (1999) D: Joan Micklin Silver; with Rita Wilson, Victor Garber, Tushka Bergen, Mae Whitman, David Dorfman. (NR, 120 min.) Hecklevision. You get to heckle this made-for-TV movie about a woman who believes she has a third child (who doesn’t really exist), while her entire family humors her delusion. @Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek, 7pm.

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail Quote-Along Action Pack. @Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek, 7pm.

The Princess Bride Quote-Along (1987) D: Rob Reiner; with Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin, Christopher Guest, Wallace Shawn, André the Giant, Fred Savage, Robin Wright Penn. (PG, 98 min.) Action Pack. @Alamo Ritz, 7pm.

We Will Rock You: The Queen Sing-Along

Action Pack. Sing your heart out, and you will be the champion. @Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek, 9:45pm.


Big Fish (2003) D: Tim Burton; with Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange, Matthew McGrory, Helena Bonham Carter, Loudon Wainwright, Robert Guillaume, Danny DeVito, Steve Buscemi, Marion Cotillard. (PG-13, 110 min.) Austin Public Library: Based on Books. Free. (*) @Yarborough Branch Library, 6:30pm.

Symbiopshycotaxiplasm: Take One (1968) D: William Greaves. (NR, 75 min.) Indie Thursdays: Cinema 41 Presents. This film is an avant-garde docu-drama that attempts to deconstruct the hierarchical nature of filmmaking. @Blue Starlite Drive-In I, 8:30pm.



American: The Bill Hicks Story (2011) D: Paul Thomas and Matt Harlock. (NR, 102 min.) Austin Film Society: Best of the Fests. Hicks was an incendiary comedian who torched hypocrisy and incinerated the common rubbish that passes for popular wisdom. He died too young, yet his legacy burns bright – especially in this documentary. Filmmakers Thomas and Hurlock will be in attendance for a Q&A. @Alamo Drafthouse Village, 5:10pm. The Sound of Music (1965) D: Robert Wise; with Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer. (NR, 174 min.) Master Pancake Theater. The hills are alive with the sound of laughter. Guest mocker Mary Jo Pehl of Cinematic Titanic and Mystery Science Theater 3000 will join the fun. (*) @Alamo Ritz, 7, 10pm.


Some Like It Hot and She Beast Double Feature. See website for reservations. @Blue Starlite Drive-In II, 8:30pm.

Visions of Abolition: From Critical Resistance to a New Way of Life D: Setsu Shigematsu. Save Our Youth and the Ex-Pinta Suport Alliance. The documentary examines the “prison industrial complex” and the prison abolition move-ment. A discussion with special guests will follow. @Resistencia Bookstore, 7pm.

The Whole Shootin’ Match (1978) See p.72.



American: The Bill Hicks Story (2011) @Alamo Drafthouse Village, 4:35pm. (See Friday.)

Capriccio (2011) Metropolitan Opera: Live in HD. Renée Fleming performs the Strauss opera; Andrew Davis conducts. @Tinseltown North, Hill Country Galleria, Arbor, CM Cedar Park, Metropolitan, Southpark Meadows, noon.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) D: Jim Sharman; with Richard O’Brien, Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry. (R, 95 min.) Austin fans have been dressing up and doing the “Time Warp” thing live for more than 30 years straight. For more info, see www. @Alamo Drafthouse Village, 11:55pm. The Sound of Music (1965) @Alamo Ritz, 7, 10pm. (See Friday.)


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AFF’s Summer Film Camp For all those budding cineasts needing something worthwhile to occupy their out-of-school time, this camp from the Austin Film Festival’s Young Filmmakers Program is just the thing. See website (and the Chronicle’s summer camp listings) for more. June 13-Aug. 5. Austin School of Film Prime yourself for cinematic advancement with professional ASoF classes in all forms of digital media: Intro to 3-D Animation, Web Video and Viral Marketing, Advanced Final Cut Pro, and many more. See website for details.

channelAustin Classes Austin’s digital media center offers filmmakers professional, hands-on instruction in HD field equipment and studio production, plus affordable access to the latest high-end gear and software by Sony and Apple. Learn more on Mondays from 6 to 7pm. See website for details. 1143 Northwestern. Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival: Call for Entries It’s the nation’s first “cause-driven” film festi-val, and you’re invited to submit your work. See website for details. Deadline: May 31. Summer@Austin Studios: Film Camps for Kids Your offspring can work with local filmmakers and experience the magic of film and filmmaking. Whether it’s developing a script or producing a film and seeing it on the big screen or making animations and new media projects, Austin Film Society programs provide a fun, nurturing space for exploration and collaboration. See website for details; be sure to register while there’s still time. Austin Studios, 1901 E. 51st, 322-0145.

TFPF: Call for Film Projects The Austin Film Society is now accepting applications to the 2011 Texas Filmmakers’ Production Fund. Filmmakers who have resided in Texas for at least one year can request up to $15,000 in production, postproduction, or distribution funds for their projects. See website for details. Deadline: June 1.

The Screenplay Workshop: Spring Registration Open Screenwriting Fundamentals Everything you must know to write a screenplay. Through May 3. Tuesdays, 7-9:30pm. Master Class Write a feature-length screenplay in 10 weeks. Through June 7. Tuesdays, 7-9:30pm. Private Screenwriting Coaching and Consultation is always available. See website for details.

VSATX: Make a Music Video Learn the basic steps, from pre-production to postproduction of a “draft” music video that the class performs and produces in video and photos. April 23-May 14. Saturdays, 10am-2pm. AGE Building, 3710 Cedar, 454-9912. $175.

VSATX: New Media Arts Camps presents hands-on courses for young adults with disabilities. Camp I: Learn camera functions, shots, lighting, and editing. Mon.-Thu, June 20-30, 10am-2pm. $350. CAMP II: Learn basic digital film making from camera shots and lighting to editing. Mon.-Thu., July 11-21, 10am-2pm. $350. AGE Building, 3710 Cedar, 454-9912.

Where I’m From Short Film Contest Texas Monthly and the Austin Film Festival team up to present this second annual contest. “Entries can either be narrative or documentary in style and should be 10 minutes or less, highlighting a sense of place and depicting where the filmmakers, subjects, or characters are from in Texas. Films should depict what it’s like to grow up in Texas.” The top shorts will be screened as part of the 18th Austin Film Festival. See website for details. Deadline: June 1.

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