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hen the Da-

vis family left

their Tulsa



2011 to find

a refuge from

the heat, it

was shaping up to be the hottest July on

record in eastern Oklahoma and one of

the driest years since 1888. It was hot

in Crested Butte, too, but all things be-

ing relative it was a heat wave into the

80s Alee Davis could handle. And just

like that, a summer home in the moun-

tains began to feel essential. “We came

to Crested Butte 20 years ago with our

family and we had a nice time. Then

we came back. And we’d seen a lot of

beautiful places vacationing over the

years. But when we were here we wanted

to be here for a month,” she says. “We

fell in love with it. The last three days we

were in Crested Butte I found a realtor, a

builder and an architect and we started

planning and building right away.”

Over the next 18 months, the family

would slowly see their dream realized

and at the same time realize they had a

bigger dream to stay in the mountains for

more months than they would be away.

It was a place they hoped to retire to.

As an interior designer by training, Da-

vis knew exactly what she wanted. She

wanted intimate spaces, not gaping ones,

and she wanted lots and lots of windows.